Welcome to 2nd Grade!

Ms. Kelly Gruse

Room Parent:
Mara Karlin


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Solar Eclipse 2017

We were lucky enough to view the solar eclipse on our very first day of school! Thank you to Sylvie and her mom, Sarah, for hosting our class on their rooftop 🙂 Another thank you to the PTA for purchasing glasses for students and teachers to stay safe during our viewing!

Meet the Funky Monkeys!

The Funky Monkeys have been busy during these first few weeks of school. We have started Literacy Centers (independent reading & handwriting), Writer’s Workshop, and of course Choice Time!

The Funky Monkeys Celebrate Rosh Hashanah!

The Funky Monkeys celebrated Rosh Hashanah with Emma and her family. First, we listened to a story about a family celebrating the holiday in a new town. Then, we all made apples with our New Year’s Resolutions on them. We also got to eat apples and honey!! YUM!