One of the most important characteristics of a scientists is how observant they are. We observe the world through our senses. Have fun this week paying closer attention to your 5 senses and the body parts that help us (and other creatures) observe!

Challenge Accepted

We use our senses every day to observe and understand the world without even thinking about it. So, I challenge you to isolate each sense and mindfully focus on one at a time. Each of these challenges come from the amazing Dr. Willard, a psychologist and educational consultant who specializes in mindfulness. Take some time to slow down and listen to your body as you intentionally use your senses.

Virtual Field Trip

“Seatbelts, Everyone!” That’s right, our virtual field trip is with Ms. Frizzle as we learn about the sense of smell by traveling inside Janice’s nose! The best way to watch is through Netflix- Magic School Bus Season 4 Episode 10 titled ‘Make a Stink’. If you don’t have Netflix, click the image to a link.


My senses tell me this week’s podcast is all about sound! The episode titled ‘Tuning In’ focuses on how different sounds in music affect our emotions. Click the image to listen in!


Let’s take a closer look (get it) at the phenomenon of eyes. How are these eyes similar? How are they different? Which animal do you think has the best sense of sight? Click here to see a video of the eyes at work.

STEM Stories

We have a special read aloud STEM story with Señor Stewart this week! He will be reading the bilingual book “Hello Ocean Hola Mar” by Pam Muñoz Ryan found on EPIC! This book highlights how a girl uses her senses to truly experience the beach. Click the image to hear and see the story.

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