The Camping Trip

Lizzie could not believe it, it had finally come. She’d waited weeks and weeks, and now it was only few days away. It was finally time for the big. camping. trip.

She had read a book at school called “Little House in the Big Woods” and became obsessed with the idea of living in nature the way people used to hundreds of years ago. She talked about it every chance she got, and her obsession must have spread to her best friends, Akiva and Emily. They wanted to live in the big woods, they wanted to sleep under the stars. They all did what any kid would, they begged and pleaded with their parents until they said yes.

“You could go on a camping trip, you can sleep under the stars, you can listen for wolves and hike up mountains, but you need to promise me that you will.. be prepared.”

Being prepared is what Lizzie does best. She loved making lists, reading books, studying hard for math tests, but she’d never been prepared for a camping trip. She checked with the book, “Little House in the Big Woods”. What did Laura, Ma, and Pa do to prepare for their life in the wilderness? She flipped through the book and noticed that the characters spent a lot of time focused mainly on one important thing.

Turn and talk.

Little House in the Big Woods spends a lot of time talking about ….


Food. Preparing it, cooking it, and keeping it fresh for long periods of time. The family in the book wasn’t able to go to a grocery store, they hadn’t been invented, so they had to grow, hunt, and prepare all of their own food. Lizzie wasn’t so sure that her parents would let her set traps or hunt bears, but she did know that if she was gone for a few days in the wilderness, she would absolutely need to prepare food.

The next day at school, she met with Akiva and Emily at lunch. They brought the book to study, and sat down to come up with food ideas.

“My mom said we can pack any foods we want”, said Lizzie.

“Anything!?”, said Emily, with an excited look in her eye.

“I’ve got it. Cheese sandwiches. It’s the only food I eat and it’s the only food anybody ever needs”, said Akiva.

It was true, in his lunchbox, Akiva had packed 2 cheese sandwiches. He had done this every day for as long as they had known him.

“But they gotta be fresh! If you leave a cheese sandwich in a lunchbox too long it turns gross!” he added.

“Ice cream!”, screamed Emily. She couldn’t hold it anymore. “Ice cream. Ice cream ice cream ice cream.”

This planning meeting had barely started and it was already out of control. Only cheese sandwiches? Ice cream? Would that even work?

Turn and talk.

Some of the foods that I might bring on a camping trip are …

She rushed home to share what she had planned with her mom and dad, but she could only find mom in the kitchen with a worried look on her face.

“Lizzie. Elizabeth.”, said mom.

She only used Lizzie’s full name when there was bad news. Mom turned her phone towards Lizzie, on it was the weather app that they used every day. It had the forecast for the next 7 days. It showed a beautiful yellow sun, then another with a little cloud, then a bigger cloud and finally, on what would be their last day camping, a dark grey cloud with cute little blue raindrops. Did this mean that her trip was cancelled? She had thought so much about the food that she had forgotten the other important part of the book: the weather.

Just then, dad walked in with a big box and dropped it on the table.

“Ta Da!” he said, excitedly. “I just picked it up from the outdoors store. The sales person said that it was the ULTIMATE CAMPING BACKPACK. It has a million pockets, tons of room, you can take it apart into other shapes, and put it back together into others!”

“Hey, why is everyone looking so glum?”

“I just found out that it may rain on our camping trip.” said Lizzie.

“Are you prepared for that?”, asked dad.