About Ross

Who We Are1

Ross Elementary is public school on the move. Serving children in Pre-School through fifth grade, Ross is situated in the heart of Dupont Circle in a charming historic building with a beautiful playground and playing field. The teachers and staff bring outstanding qualifications and commitment to their professions and the student population is small but diverse. Our dedicated and close-knit parent community feels that these are central to a positive elementary school experience.



What Makes Ross Special?

In the words of the beloved children’s story, Miss Rumphius, we understand that “you must do something to make the world more beautiful.” Shelley Harwayne in her groundbreaking book Going Public says it another way, “We want to raise wide-awake children who pay attention to and take responsibility for their world.” Part of this is knowing not just that our children will learn to read, write, and do arithmetic well, but that they will “choose” to do so. Hand-in-hand our community of teachers, professionals, and parents, “help children see the richness of their lives” and how this “literacy” can enrich and improve not only the quality of their lives, but of those around them.


We are a neighborhood school with 160 students in Pre-School through Grade 5. We come from many different countries, religions, and family backgrounds. We share the common value that we want the best for our children, our school, our community, and the world. We work hard together with joy and laughter to make our hidden gem of a school shine.

“From a teacher’s viewpoint I can say that Ross has been the best school I have taught at in my 15 year teaching career…I feel I am supported and provided the chance to grow professionally by the administration. We are given time to analyze student strengths and weaknesses as well as our own as teachers. We are then able to receive assistance to improve our craft…At Ross, parents and teachers work together as a team to meet not just the needs of a student, but the needs of the whole child.”
Lisa Juriga – English Language Learner Teacher, Ross Elementary