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Fillmore Update

Ross students have been going to the Fillmore Arts Center one half-day every week for years to get exceptional, award-winning arts education. Our K – 5 students bus to Fillmore, located on the third floor of Hardy Middle School, every Wednesday afternoon and PK3-PK4 receive their arts programming at Ross. Fillmore offers exceptional instruction in visual arts, theater, and music programs in strings, band, and dance.

Need information about what your child is doing at Fillmore? Fillmore has a PTO that can answer your questions. The Friends of Fillmore is a three-school PTO that posts to its website blog and a must-follow Twitter feed every day. You can find information about the Fillmore Arts Center, the teachers, and your child’s classes in both places. Go to: friendsoffillmore.org or follow us @FriendsofFAC.

And if arts education is important to you, join the Friends of Fillmore. We meet only 4 times each year and work to support the wonderful teachers at FAC. Info about meetings and membership is found at our website.