Just in time for some serious summer reading, DCPS and DC Public Library have partnered to offer us a great new website and app, Sora!  On Sora, you’ll have access to DCPL’s large collection of ebooks and audiobooks, available for free all year and no library card required!  Sora is created by Overdrive, so if you’re already reading or listening to ebooks from your public library on Overdrive or Libby, Sora will look very familiar.

 To use Sora in the web browser, you first log into Clever.  In the Library resources section, you’ll find the link to Sora.  Before you use it for the first time, you will have to add both DCPS and DCPL libraries to your Sora account.  Click here to watch a how-to video or you can look at the handout from DCPS.  Once you’ve got them added, you can read and listen at your leisure!  If you’re running into problems, you’ll want to start with Sora’s help pages. These ebooks and audiobooks are in addition to the ones that you can access through Destiny Discover.