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Distance Learning Information Ross Elementary School March 23, 2020

Dear Ross families and students,
Welcome to distance learning at Ross! We recognize that we are heading into chartered territory here and we are committed to doing our best (knowing we will hit some bumps in the road) as we learn together in a new way.

For instructional continuity, we will use a combination of uploaded video lessons, live sessions, and online assignments to deliver instruction as well as the hard copy materials that were sent home with your student on March 13. We will also be relying on our current online blended learning tools such as ST Math, Discovery Techbook, STEMScopes, Edulastic, Typing Agent, etc.

On Friday, DCPS opened up a portal for all families called “Canvas”. You can access the link here. There is a great FAQ for parents about distance learning here.

Office Hours
Beginning on Tuesday, 3/24 Ross teachers will be available from 8:30am-12:30pm for instructional support. They will be in staff meetings, planning meetings and professional development from 1:30-3:30pm. You can expect to receive further details and instructions about the distance learning schedule and specific grade level approach from your child’s teachers and specialists beginning Tuesday March 24. Teachers will also be checking their DCPS email daily.

Below are several FAQ to get us started in this brave new world of learning.

Ross Elementary Distance Learning FAQ’s – March 23, 2020

❑ What platform will my student be using?

Ross Elementary will be using Microsoft Office 365 Teams. Every DCPS student has an account and access to the suite of Microsoft Office 365 applications.

Microsoft Teams allows spaces for online assignments, collaborations, feedback from teachers, live chats, and other amazing features. We will learn together!

❑ How do we log in to Microsoft Teams?

Go to:

Log in: Student ID
Password: Student birthdate (mmddyy)

❑ What if I don’t know my student’s ID number?

Ask your child first (upper grades) and if they do not know, email your child’s teacher

❑ I’m having trouble logging in. Now what?

Email Mr. Eickmeyer at

❑ What will my student be using for assignments, lessons and learning?

For the first week of instruction (March 24-April 1) teachers sent learning materials home with students on Friday, March 13, including a variety of library books, STEM and Social Studies assignments, Eureka math books, writing assignments, etc. and they will be in touch with further details. As DCPS develops additional lesson materials, we will be in contact with you about distribution.

❑ Will parents be members of the Classroom Teams?

No. Parents will continue to receive email updates through MailChimp (teacher and principal communications) and the Ross Facebook page and Ross website. Room Parents and the PTA will be in touch with parent-facing community building options. Contact your Room Parent for more information.

Only students will be members of Classroom Teams

❑ I’ve never used Microsoft Teams! How do I do it?

Microsoft Teams Guide for Parents

Log in with your student and access the help feature. They have great tutorials and videos!

You can use Teams online (any browser except Safari), or you can download Microsoft Teams to your device here.

❑ Will we need to log into any other websites?

Yes. Students will regularly use Clever at home (just like at school).

Login: Student ID #
Password: Birthdate (mmddyy)

❑ Will my child still get specials?

Yes. The specials teachers are working on supporting lessons for every grade level to do at home. They will be shared on our Microsoft Teams.

There are also resources for specials from DCPS on Canvas.

❑ If my student has an IEP or a 504, will they still get their specialized instructional support?

Yes. Your child’s case managers will reach out to you with more information this week.
We are developing individual distance learning plans for every student who has an IEP in order to offer support and stay connected using Microsoft Teams,

❑ Will my student still participate in their behavior supports?

Yes. Our social worker and psychologist are working on ways to support students using Microsoft Teams. They will be in touch this week with information about how they will offer support and stay connected using Microsoft Teams.

❑ Help! We have only one device and two kids and two parents all working from home.

Try out a schedule for tele-working and sharing devices. Hold a family meeting and establish agreements that can be posted and referred to when things get tricky. Students can work on assignments anytime that works for your family. We are no longer tied to 8:45 am – 3:15 pm.

Encourage your student to read, write, create, use their Eureka math book, go outside and play, practice a musical instrument, or build something and draw/write about it during the times technology is not available to them.

Take advantage of this extra time for your child to learn and practice “life skills” such as learning to do new chores around the house, counting money, tying shoes, telling time, mastering basic cooking skills, making a note or card for friends or relatives, learning address and phone number, etc.