JCC After Care

The JCC is the only after school child care provider at Ross for the 2017-2018 school year. For more information about what students do during JCC Aftercare or Enrichments, check out the JCC PowerPoint.

After School Programming FAQs.

To register for JCC after care, please visit the JCC website.

All changes to JCC attendance should be made by 6 p.m. the night before. If you must make a change, you will need to fill out the dismissal change form AND e-mail Stacey Herman.

Please read the letter below (Download: Word PDF) from the JCC regarding important changes to the dismissal procedure:

Dear Ross Elementary School and EDCJCC Families,

We are ready and excited for the 2016-2017 school year. We spent a great deal of time last school year creating a positive partnership between Ross Elementary and the EDCJCC; we communicate on a regular basis and meet as necessary to improve the effectiveness of our procedures. This summer Holly and I met to develop, discuss, and enhance our procedures for the transition each day from Ross Elementary to the EDCJCC. In order to ensure the safety and security of your children, we have made changes to the procedures followed in previous years.

Beginning August 22nd 2016 the following procedures will be in effect:

  • Your Child/Children must be registered through the EDCJCC registration    process in order to attend the EDCJCC After School Program
  • If your child is not on the EDCJCC Roster for the corresponding day they will stay at Ross Elementary School for regular dismissal
  • A change of schedule for the following day must be made by 6:00pm the evening before
  • All changes must be made through email to Stacey Herman and also via Google Doc on the Ross website
  • If a change must be made to your child/children’s schedule the day of, you must complete the Google Doc on the Ross Elementary website and email Stacey Herman by 1:00pm. Please DO NOT call/email/text your child’s teachers.
  • Families must complete the EDCJCC monthly registration by the deadline to ensure pick-up from Ross Elementary School

We thank you for understanding and implementing these changes. We designed these changes for a more effective and safe transition between Ross Elementary and the EDCJCC.

Thank You,

Stacey Herman, EDCJCC Director and Holly Searl, Ross Elementary Principal