November 23, 2016
As we approach the Thanksgiving Day holiday, DC Public Schools would like you thank you – our families, our community advocates, our stakeholders. Your support is critical to our collective success. 
The current national news has raised questions and concerns throughout the DCPS community. Please see the message below from Interim Chancellor John Davis about DCPS’ commitment to our students.
Dear Members of the DCPS Family,
Over the past weeks and months, our city and our nation have been through a great deal of change. I’m writing today to reiterate our shared and consistent vision for DC Public Schools.
First and foremost, all DCPS schools are and will continue to be safe places for all students and all people in our communities, regardless of immigration status, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. We are committed to showing care and respect for every person, and will not tolerate any acts of hate or bullying. The beauty of our community is in our diversity – diversity of color, of background, of language, of circumstance, of religion, and of thought – and we will continue to value and celebrate what makes us diverse. I have seen time and again the amazing things that can happen in our schools when we work together and listen to one another, and everyone at DCPS will continue to foster these loving and open environments for our students.
Beyond DCPS, I am proud to be part of a city that is reinforcing a message of inclusion and safety to all of its residents. Mayor Muriel Bowser’s statement this week reaffirming Washington, DC’s status as a sanctuary city can be found here
As we saw just a few weeks ago in our Cornerstones lesson on elections and the democratic process, students across the city are already engaged in learning about how our country’s democracy works. We will continue to encourage respectful dialogue and learning in our schools, not just about the electoral process, but also about the principles and values that make our nation (and nation’s capital) so great.
As always, our schools offer resources for students and families who may need them. Our educators and counselors are available to help those who may want to process their feelings or concerns, so we encourage you to reach out to your school’s leader or staff for further support.
We will continue to reinforce our policies around acceptance and support for all students and members of our community, a diverse and wonderful community that I am proud to lead. 
John Davis
Interim Chancellor