Ross Roadrunners Read Everyday!

The Importance of At-Home Reading



Research clearly indicates that the more students read at home, the more equipped they will be with necessary vocabulary, executive functioning, and other literacy skills, ensuring proficiency throughout the years.

As teachers, it is our job to teach them the necessary strategies and content needed to independently devour books at their grade-level. We will be working hard to develop stamina, independence, and a love of books across genres. They will have weekly opportunities to browse for books from our school library as well as the libraries in each Ross classroom.

As parents, it is your job to ensure daily at-home reading and follow up with conversations about books, about your student’s thinking, and in turn about the world!



Set Routines. Be consistent about when and where reading happens every day. Work with your child to establish the best time and places for maximum engagement and enjoyment.

Provide Feedback. Research shows that the most growth comes from thoughtful engagement and discourse with others. Ask your students about what they are reading. Grow organic conversations about books every day.

Create your own family’s culture of literacy. Read to and with your child. Talk to them about what you are reading and make books a part of your everyday lives.


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