Local School Advisory Teams (LSATs)

LSATs are an integral part of ensuring strong connections within every local school community.

The Local School Advisory Team (LSAT) is a group of elected and appointed members that exists for every DCPS school. The team (formerly the Local School Restructuring Teams) consists of parents, teachers, non-instructional school staff, a community member, and in some cases students, to advise the principal on matters that promote high expectations and high achievement for all students.

Visit this link for more information on LSAT, including guidelines.

The 2018-2019 LSAT 

Daniel Adler (Parent)
Sujeesh Krishnan (Parent)
Neha Misra (Parent)	
Debra Olson (Parent)
Kelly Emminger (K-1 Teacher)
Tyler Hercules (K-1 Aide)
Lisa Juriga (Librarian)
Alex Randall (4-5 Aide)
Kelly Gruse (2nd Teacher)
Kate Gardner (PTA Board)
Holly Searl (Principal)
Vacant (Community Member/IB)

2018-19 Meeting Minutes

Sept. 20, 2018
Oct. 18, 2018
Nov. 8, 2018
Nov. 13, 2018
Feb. 27, 2019

2017-2018 Meeting Minutes

2016-2017 Meeting Minutes