Dear Ross Families,

I am writing this with a heavy heart as the sheer magnitude of what we witnessed yesterday in our beloved city continues to sink in.

Our commitment to public education in DCPS is rooted in cultivating communication, teaching students how to engage across difference and teaching about civic action to promote social change. Now more than ever, our teaching and equity-focused leadership matter. Today, while struggling to process our own emotional distress over the continued polarization and racism in our nation, we engaged in discussions with our students in age appropriate ways to give them space to talk about what happened, share their feelings, and ask questions. Our primary focus was to reassure students that they are safe. We will continue to provide space and information to help them process because we know children often experience feelings without the language to articulate them clearly.

Our school mental health team, Ms. Clark and Mr. Conlon, are available to support students and consult with families. and

We know you may also be struggling to process the events and are seeking resources to support your children. Below are several resources that you may find helpful:

Parent Resources

Continue to take care of yourself so you can support loved ones with empathy and understanding. Reach out for help if you need it.

In Partnership,


“Every act of evil unleashes a million acts of kindness. This is why shadows will never win while there is still light to shine”

Aaron Paquette