With Appreciation

Thank you to parents who volunteered for our first Open House of the season. The next opportunity is on Saturday, December 8 at the EdFest sponsored by MySchoolDC.org. This event at the Stadium Armory includes all DCPS and DC Charter schools.

End of the Advisory

It is difficult to believe that we are approaching the end of the first advisory which means that we have completed 25% of the school year!

  • No School Thursday/Friday, October 25/26 (end of advisory Professional Development and Report Card Prep)
  • No School Tuesday, November 6 for Parent/Teacher Conferences (Sign-Up Genius will be sent out in next Monday’s bulletin)
  • Learning Celebration Friday, November 9

K-5 at 9:00am; PK3/PK4 at 8:45am. At this event, your child will share work that reflects learning from the first advisory.

October is Bullying Prevention Month

Teachers are discussing the definition of bullying (versus typical childhood conflict) in classrooms. We are teaching children to use “I” language to express their feelings when someone is bothering them. We use this script “I feel _______ when you ________. Please _______.” or a variation depending on grade level.

Example: “I feel upset when you call me names. Please stop doing that.”

Check out our Bullying Prevention bulletin board at the top of the steps as you come to the ECE floor for helpful tips and literature connections. Many thanks to Ms. Bronson for creating this resource.

You can also find helpful resources at www.StopBullying.gov

Please bring any issues or concerns to the attention of your child’s teacher, Principal Searl and/or Ms. McCoy, our school social worker who also functions as the official point of contact for bullying prevention at Ross. Ms. McCoy is at Ross every Tuesday and Thursday. Her email is marketta.mccoy@dc.gov