Field Trips

We value exposing our students to all the city offers by scheduling a variety of field trips and experiential learning opportunities. We rely on parent chaperones to assist us with travel through the city and to ensure student safety and security. If you have not done so, please complete the DCPS volunteer clearance process.  We appreciate the time and effort many of our parent volunteers devote to helping us with field trips. Going forward, if we do not have the required number of chaperones 48 hours in advance of a trip, we will cancel. When we cancel trips, we are at-risk of losing deposits, ticket costs, etc. and damaging our reputation as a reliable school partner for special events.

As of this writing, we have the following numbers of parents cleared in each grade:

  • PK3: 11 cleared
  • PK4: 13 cleared
  • K-1: 32 cleared (includes both classes)
  • Grade 2: 19 cleared
  • Grade 3: 15 cleared
  • Grade 4: 5 cleared
  • Grade 5: 11 cleared

Kids Ride Free Program

Please remember to see Ms. Campbell in the main office to obtain your child’s Kids Ride Free SmarTrip card. The DCOne cards will no longer work for public transportation. All students in Grades K-5will need a SmarTrip card for field trip travel on Metro or MetroBus. Select PK4 students will qualify based on age. More information about the program can be found at

Enrollment Update

Friday, October 5 was the official “count day” of the enrollment season. We opened school with 196 students, up from 171 at the same point last year. Our enrollment now stands at 190. The enrollment audit is scheduled for November 5. If you have outstanding paperwork and have been contacted by Ms. Campbell, it is extremely important that you respond to her requests.

Staffing Update

Please welcome Dr. Gomez-Starnes to our community. Dr. G will be at Ross part-time in an academic support role. He will work primarily with K-3 students to support literacy and math instruction.

Best Regards,

Holly Searl, Principal