With Appreciation

Thank you for the kind words regarding our National Blue Ribbon Award. As I shared with the children at Friday’s Morning Meeting, this is truly an award for the whole community, reflecting staff, student and family commitments to excellence in education. I am honored to lead our school and look forward to representing Ross Elementary at the national ceremony in November.


Progress Reports

The academic calendar in DCPS is divided into four marking periods. The mid-point of the first marking period is this week. Students in Grades 1-5 who may be at-risk of scoring less than proficient in core content areas on the first report card will receive a progress report this week via backpack mail. Students who are receiving extra academic support will also receive a letter indicating the academic support and name of staff member providing it. Academic supports will be addressed at Parent/Teacher conferences.


Parent Teacher Conferences

A sign-up genius for Parent/Teacher conferences is being shared this week.

Conferences are Friday, October 11. This is a “no school” day for students. Conferences are 20 minutes long. Please arrive on time. We are not able to accommodate late arrivals due to impact on the next conference.


Monthly Cultural Recognitions

Many thanks to Ross students and Ms. Patricia from Treehouse Atelier for creating our beautiful bulletin board in recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month.  We are seeking volunteers to create a board for each month. Please reach out if you would like to be the point of contact for one of the following months. We welcome your creative ideas as we strive to make everyone feel welcome and included. If you have suggestions for additional recognitions, please share them.  

The tentative schedule is:

September/October: Hispanic Heritage

November:National American Indian and Alaska Heritage Month

December: Seasons of Light (Hanukkah, Kwaanza and Christmas and Solstice)

January: Lunar New Year (year of the rat)

February: Black History Month

March: Women’s History Month

April:National Poetry and Library Month

May: Asian-Pacific Heritage Month

June: LGBTQ Pride Month