One of the best ways to adventure out when you’re stuck at home is through movies (especially on a rainy day). There are so many gorgeous and thoughtfully made documentaries highlighting the natural life around the world. Most of these documentaries focus on Earth and Life science.

Below is a list of documentaries found on Netflix and Disney+. These are only available if you have a subscription to these services.

Netflix (Rated G)  Oceans, Growing up Wild, If I Were an Animals, Ghost on the Mountains 
Netflix (Rated PG) Our Planet, Night on Earth, Dancing with the Birds, The World’s Most Wanted Animals, Untamed Romania, Wild Alaska  
Disney+ (Rated G) Bears, Chimpanzee, African Cats, Wings of Life, The Crimson Wing, Born in China, Monkey Kingdom, Deep Blue, Journey to the Shark Eden, Perri 
Disney+ (Rated PG) Jane, Mars Inside SpaceX, Mission to the Sun, Paris to Pittsburg, Rovering Mars, Science Fair, Sea of Hope, Brain Games, Continent 7, National Parks, Great Migrations, Hostile Planet, One Strange Rock, Wild Russia, Planet of the Birds, Secrets of the King Cobra, Sharks of Lost Island, Tree Climbing Lions, Giants of the Deep, Into the Grand Canyon 
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