Ross teachers crowdsourced a lot of other resources and grouped them into their respective fields of study as well as age range!


Resource Details Genre  
DOGO News  2nd – 5th Grades  Student news sites with many images and video to accompany articles.  Offers computer-generated audio reading.  Nonfiction 
Newsela   3rd-5th Grades Collection of current events adapted from vetted news sources, available in English and Spanish.  Nonfiction 
Wonderopolis  1st – 5th Grades  A question-of-the day blog that provides answers frequently asked student questions.  Includes texts with a read-to-me function and a paired video.   Nonfiction  
Sports Illustrated Kids  PreK – 5  Sports news just for kids.  Nonfiction 
Tween Tribune   3rd – 5th Grades  News articles curated by the Smithsonian covering a variety of adjusted texts difficulty.  Nonfiction 
EPIC!  (through Clever) 
PreK-5 Each classroom teacher has a separate class code they will send out. Book Collections can be found by clicking on the Mailbox in the top, right corner.   Nonfiction and fiction Username: rosselemsch Password: school 3rd – 5th Grades  
Mrs. Juriga’s You Tube read aloud (coming soon)  Fiction  
Podcasts (Stories Podcast, Circle Round, What if World, The Good Words Podcast, Story Spectacular, Storynory) All  Fiction 


Resource Details Grade Level 
Bedtime Math (app & website) A word problem a day K-5 
Freckle (On Clever) Individualized practice for your child & activities assigned by teacher Pre K – 1 
Math PlaygroundVarious math games 1-5 (On Clever) Individual lessons based on students’ assessment in Jan 1-5 
EPIC! (through Clever) Each classroom teacher has a separate class code they will send out. Book Collections can be found by clicking on the Mailbox in the top, right corner PreK-5 
Pebble Go (On Clever) Username: rosselemsch Password: school K-2 Username: rosselemsch Password: school 3-5 
@rossstem Instagram Daily sharing from Mrs. Sawyer (On Clever)  2-5 
Science News for Students   Offers articles on current issues and developments in science  4-5 
Podcasts (Available on the Kids Listen App, any Podcast app, or Spotify)  Brains On!, WOW in the World, Tumble, But Why, The Show About Science Prek-5 
Netflix (Rated G)  for families with a subscription Oceans, Growing up Wild, If I Were an Animals, Ghost on the Mountains PreK-5 
Netflix (Rated PG) for families with a subscription  Our Planet, Night on Earth, Dancing with the Birds, The World’s Most Wanted Animals, Untamed Romania, Wild Alaska   
Disney+ (Rated G) for families with a subscription  Bears, Chimpanzee, African Cats, Wings of Life, The Crimson Wing, Born in China, Monkey Kingdom, Deep Blue, Journey to the Shark Eden, Perri PreK-5  
Disney+ (Rated PG) for families with a subscription  Jane, Mars Inside SpaceX, Mission to the Sun, Paris to Pittsburg, Rovering Mars, Science Fair, Sea of Hope, Brain Games, Continent 7, National Parks, Great Migrations, Hostile Planet, One Strange Rock, Wild Russia, Planet of the Birds, Secrets of the King Cobra, Sharks of Lost Island, Tree Climbing Lions, Giants of the Deep, Into the Grand Canyon  

Taking Care of Yourself  

Resource Grade Level  Genre  Parent support needed?  
GoNoodle  (create free account) Pre K – 5 Movement Mindfulness yes 
Cosmic Kids MindfulnessPre K – 3 Movement Mindfulness yes 
Podcast: Peace Out  Mindfulness  
Coloring NaturePre K – 5 Mindfulness  No