Dear Ross Parents,


Every year, to close out the school year, Ross organizes a book drive for our library, seeking donations in return for a personalized bookplate in the volume we purchase and a letter announcing the commemoration to someone of the donor’s choosing. Most elect to make a donation in connection with Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. We usually have volunteer parents staff tables around Dupont Circle, and many of our neighbors have supported Ross over the years. This year, we’ll have to do things a bit differently, so we are going to move the book drive online. We will still be able to send the Mother’s and Father’s day letters as well as print the bookplates that will be placed in the purchased books. Please consider donating and/or forward this email to your friends and family. You could also print out the email and post in your building/neighborhood.

Donate a Book Online!

Please also note that the Ross PTA has set up a community support fund to help Ross families in need during this uncertain time.   If you’d prefer, you may direct any donation you choose to make to the support fund. If you do, for each $25 donation to the support fund, you may still choose to have us send a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day letter.


Thank you!