Traffic Safety Plan

Be Safe. Be Courteous. Be Patient.

Dear Parents,

As some of you may know, Ross Elementary School participates in the DC Safe Routes to School program, which aims to improve safety for students who walk and bicycle to school and to encourage more kids to do the same. Data shows that the vast majority of kids who are hit by cars are actually hit by another parent. We don’t ever want something like this to happen at Ross. So, as a reminder, below are the procedures for school pick-up and drop-off.

Please be aware that we work with the Metropolitan Police Department for traffic and parking enforcement outside the school for everyone’s safety and better relations with our neighbors. You will be ticketed for not following the rules!

  • Please observe the No Parking Zone immediately in front of the school building on R Street. Dropping off students is allowed in this area, but only if the driver remains in the vehicle at all times and leaves after the child exits the vehicle.
  • If you need to park to walk your student into the school, please find a safe and legal parking space. There is a 15-minute parking zone on R Street adjacent to the school playground to help create more parking during morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up. Please be respectful of other parents’ needs to drop-off and limit the time you spend parked in this area.
  • When dropping off students, make sure to pull all the way up to the curb and let your children out on the school side of the street.
  • Never stop in the traffic lane to drop off or pick up anyone.
  • Do not block fire hydrants, driveways, mail boxes or trash collection receptacles.
  • Obey the speed limit and cell phone laws!
  • Be polite to other drivers, children and staff.
  • Teach your children to respect our neighborhood’s private property.
  • All pedestrians/bike riders use the crosswalks or cross at intersections only.
Ways to relieve traffic congestion near the school:
  • Students who live nearby should walk or ride bikes.
  • Park near the school and walk the rest of the way.
  • Ride share or use public transportation.
  • Leave a few minutes early to allow plenty of time before drop-off and pick-up times. Give your children their money, school papers, and hugs and kisses before they get to school.
These rules are imposed for the safety our students and apply to every parent. If you have questions or comments, please contact Principal Holly Searl at
Let’s keep students safe during drop-off and pick-up!