Ross PTA Board Members, 2019-2020

President, Kate Gardner

Vice President, Alison Brody

Secretary, Jenny McAllister

Treasurer, Owen Ozier

Upper Class Representatives, Mikita Taylor & Debra Olson

Lower Class Representative, Amit Thakkar 

Ross PTA Room Parents, 2019-2020 

PK4: Yasmin Zand (Lily)  
yacy.zand [at] gmail [dot] com

K-1 Chelak: Helen Knudsen (Audrey)
hcknudsen [at] gmail [dot] com

K-1 Cornwall: Rachel Glickman and Jake Lebowitz (Lyla)
rfglickman [at] gmail [dot] com
jlebowitz [at] gmail [dot] com

K-1 Emminger: Jenny and John McAllister (Henry)
jennymcallister [at] gmail [dot] com
jemcall [at] gmail [dot] com

Grade 2: Allison Rapp (Caroline)
rappa9999 [at] aol [dot] com

Grade 3:Laura Tischler (Jude)

lauratischler [at] hotmail [dot] com

Grade 4: Henry Tam (Alexander)
htamjr [at] gmail [dot] com

Grade 5: Alison Brody (Eli) and Debra Olson (Armwell)

brody.alison [at] gmail [dot] com

debraolson2 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Ross PTA Committee Chairs, 2019-2020

Auction Chair, Open

Holiday Tree Sale Chair, Open

Mother’s & Father’s Day Book Drive Chairs, Valerie Kindt

Spooktacular Chair, Open

Open House Chair, Open

Teacher Appreciation Chair, Open