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Authoritative Sources

The Authoritative Sources page is a mix of databases, print, website and a Twitter feed. You will need to use your DCPL library card to gain access to the databases for the piece about Cesar Chavez and a video about Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. The article is a short one and is taken from a newspaper in Pakistan. True Flix is another database found on the DCPL site. You can click on the link and I will walk you through how to access a fun site that has a ton of information on Greek Mythology (I think this is my favorite piece!). The last resource is Malala’s Twitter feed. It is a mixture of her serious activist side and the fun of a young woman all in one location. These resources are from trusted sites so you can be sure the information that you are using in your research is authentic.

DCPL Database: Gale Virtual Reference Library

You will need your DCPL card to access the databases for this resource. You will log on and go to DCPL resources and scroll down to Gale Virtual Reference Library and type in Cesar Chavez; scroll down to The Labor Movement. This books has tons of information not directly related to Cesar Chavez but it talks about the history of the labor movement and unions started. The specific information about Cesar Chavez is at the vey end of the text. If you want to read only that section scroll down to page 263. I included this reference because so many of you are interested in history and the historical references that help you understand how other movements began. The beginning of the text has a large word box of vocabulary words that may be helpful while you’re reading.

Visit the DC Public Library Database here

This is the specific resource I've mentioned.

American Social Reform Movements Reference Library.╩Ed. Carol Brennan, Kathleen J. Edgar, Judy Galens, and Roger Matuz. Vol. 2:╩Almanac.╩Detroit:╩UXL,╩2007.╩p219-265.

DCPL Database: Access Video on Demand

You will need your DCPL library card to access this site. Access video is right at the top of the data base listings. You simply need to enter Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s name to the search box if the link doesn’t work below. When you get to the site use the segment section to view Numbers 12 & 13. These segments show you Sirleaf giving her acceptance speech in 2006. In it you can see the love that her people had for her and hear slow, steady and strong voice. These two segments will give you a glimpse into her life as a leader and the impact of her policies. There are strong topics and discussions in other sections of the video but all of them are topics you’ve discussed such as inequality, sexism and racism.

Video: Bill Moyers Journal: Pray the Devil Back to Hell. 15 April 2017.


Pakistan is peaceful country; my return is ample proof of this says Malala.
APP (2018, April 2). Associated Press of Pakistan.

This article gives you a brief glimpse into what Malala is doing now. She speaks about how much she wanted to go back to her homeland and what has changed that allowed her to do so. You will stay feel that same strength in her words that you feel in everything that she says.

Read the article here.

Authoritative Website - True Flix

True Flix accessed through using your DCPL library card but you can see the how to log in in the video, made by me; for you!

This is a screencast-o-matic that I made for you that provides you with step-by-step instructions to access True Flix. You may need to enter your DCPL card number, if you do, remember your pin is the last four digits of your card number. You will find all types of activities and readings about Greek mythology here. Click on the link below and you will learn how to access the website.

Visit True Flix online.

@Malala Twitter feed

Take a look at Malala’s posts, her everyday life and posts are quite similar to our own! She has her own favorite family dish (rice with chicken curry) and has just started watching The Big Bang Theory (she’s only on Season 1 and has asked for no spoilers) However, despite her playfulness, she still travels, studies and is forever advocating for education rights to improve all around the world, and not just for girls. She even gives her favorite de-stressor advice at exam time... English breakfast tea. Take a look and perhaps follow her, she’s quite inspirational and such a positive role model.

Follow Malala on Twitter

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