Daily Schedule


Students may begin arriving at 8:15. All students will give a thumbs up to the health technicians and say goodbye to their families at the gate. Students may then play in their respective areas (PreK 4 in the garden, K-2 on the playground, and 3-5 on the field) until 8:35. K-5 classes will then line up and be walked inside by their classroom teacher. Students must arrive by 8:40. All students will have access to breakfast in their classroom. 

In the case of inclement weather, students may begin arriving at 8:30 and will go straight to their classrooms. 


PreK4 will be dismissed from the garden at 3:15. K-5 classes will be dismissed from the field at 3:25. Please make sure your child says goodbye to their teacher before leaving the field.

Once all students are dismissed, the playground is open to the public. 

In the case of inclement weather, students will be dismissed from their classrooms as their family or caregiver arrives.



Lunch and Recess

To prioritize health and safety, K-5 classes are currently eating lunch outside when weather permits. 

Check out the classroom page for individual class schedules.