Daily Schedule


Arrival begins at 8:20am. K-5 parents/caregivers can say good-bye at the gate or fence and PreK parents / caregivers will check their student in at the front garden. Students may then play in their respective areas (PreK 4 in the garden, K-2 on the playground, and 3-5 on the field) until 8:35. K-5 classes will then line up and be walked inside by their classroom teacher at 8:40. Breakfast is served to all who choose it at 8:40am.

In the case of inclement weather, students may begin arriving at 8:30 and will go straight to their classrooms.


PreK4 will be dismissed from the garden at 3:15. K-5 students will be dismissed from class lines on the field between 3:20-3:25. Families may come to the fence along the field on the playground side and the teachers will match children to parents. If someone who is not on the enrollment documents is picking up, we must have a note from you and we will require ID. Please advise the school of any custody issues. 

In the case of inclement weather, students will be dismissed from their classrooms as families arrive. 

 Can your child walk home from school? Contact Ms. Segovia for the form. 



Lunch and Recess

Check out the classroom page for individual class schedules.