Local School Advisory Teams (LSATs)


 LSATs are an integral part of ensuring strong connections within every local school community.

The Local School Advisory Team (LSAT) is a group of elected and appointed members that exists for every DCPS school. The team (formerly the Local School Restructuring Teams) consists of parents, teachers, non-instructional school staff, a community member, and in some cases students, to advise the principal on matters that promote high expectations and high achievement for all students.

Visit this link for more information on LSAT, including guidelines.

 The 2019-2020 LSAT 

  • Daniel Adler (Parent)
  • Neha Misra (Parent)
  • Debra Olson (Parent)
  • Stefanie Schneider (Parent)
  • Cody Eickmeyer (2nd Grade Teacher)
  • Jacqueline Lee (PK4 Teacher)
  • Emily Mulford (4/5th Grade Teacher)
  • Daniel Offerman (Special Education)
  • Lisa Juriga (Librarian)
  • Kate Gardner (PTA Board)
  • Holly Searl (Principal)
  • Dr. Judith Klavans (Community Member/IB)

2019-2020 Meeting Dates: 

The Ross LSAT is scheduled to meet monthly on the following dates & times:

  •  Tuesday, September 24, 5:00 p.m.
  • Thursday, October 17, 7:45 a.m.
  • Tuesday, November 19 at 5:00pm

  • Thursday, December 19 at 7:45am

  • Thursday, January 23 at 5:00pm

    • Agenda:
    • 5:00 – 5:10pm Welcome, Debra Olson

      Approval of Meeting Minutes

      2/24 Community Meeting Expectations

      5:10 – 5:20 pm Ward 1 Ed MS Proposal

      5:20 – 5:30pm Principal’s Update, Holly Searl

      Attic Update

      Budget Engagement

      5:30 – 5:45pm Future Arts Planning Discussion

      5:45pm Adjourn, Next Meeting 2/27 @ 7:45am

  • Thursday, February 27 at 7:45am

  • Tuesday, March 17 at 5:00pm

  • Thursday, April 23 at 7:45am

  • Tuesday, May 19 at 5:00pm

  • Thursday, June 4 at 7:45am

 2019-20 Meeting Minutes

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