Local School Advisory Team

Local School Advisory Team (LSAT)

The Local School Advisory Team (LSAT) is a group of parents, teachers, staff, and a community member (optional) who advise the principal on decisions that affect the school community. Every DCPS school has an LSAT. Meetings are public and all are invited to observe and speak.

2023-24 LSAT Members

  • Chair: David Alpert
  • Parent members: Rachel Glickman, Ali Matbouli, Marissa Piropato,
    Liz Lowry (PTA President)
  • Staff members: Lisa Juriga, Natalie Nagorski, Ashley Neubert,
    Ashley Singtalay, Paul Stewart
  • Community member: Debra Olson

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2023-2024 LSAT Meetings


Date / Time Topics Link or recording
September (TBD) Elect officers
Set norms
Schedule meetings
Review work plan
October (TBD)

Continuous School Plan

Francis-Stevens engagement

November (TBD)

Enrollment projections

Beginning of year performance data

December (TBD) Begin discussing budget priorities
January (TBD) Continue discussing budget priorities
February (TBD) Budget allocation
March (TBD) Middle of year performance data
April (TBD) Plan for LSAT elections
May (TBD)
June (TBD)