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Ross Athletics

4th-5th Grade

At Ross, all 4th and 5th grade students are invited to join Cross Country in the fall and Track in the Spring. Our athletics program invites students to participate in competitive running in a fun way. Students look forward to meets against other DC schools.

Latin Percussion & Chorus

4th and 5th Grade

Members of the club will learn and apply the fundamentals of music (harmony, melody, rhythm, etc.) as well as learn about musical styles throughout Latin America.  Students will also engage in conversations and reflection on how music can be used as an anti-racist tool and will learn about the role of race in the creation and development of the various musical styles.

Members of the club are divided into two groups: (Spanish language) chorus, and percussion.  Both groups have one session a week that focuses on their individual skills, and then come together once a week in a joint rehearsal.    

 Ultimately, the goal of the club is for students to have fun exploring musical expression while gaining an understanding and respect for those that created the music.  

Contact Paul Stewart for more information. 


Kindergarten and First Grade

Our K/1 makers practice using the Engineering Design Process to take on challenges. These students use materials in the lab to design and create. Past Makerspace themes include building vehicles, instruments, mazes, and contraptions to keep an egg safe. 

Coding Club

2nd and 3rd Grade

Coding Club builds early programmers! We learn and tinker with block code through the use of Scratch and Scratch Jr,, Dash robots, Makey Makey, and more. Students of all levels are welcome in Coding Club.

Genius Hour

4th and 5th Grade

Genius Hour brings it all together for our oldest learners. In Genius Hours, students pursue their passions with independent or group projects for the topic of their choice. This might look like building a Minecraft replica of the Hunger Games, 3D printing, starting a podcast, or creating volcano model. All projects are guided by a similar process: choosing a topic, creating a driving question and need to knows, developing action steps, research and planning, creating/testing/designing, getting feedback and making improvements, and showcasing their work.  

Write Away!

3rd and 5th Grade

Write Away! offers young writers an opportunity to explore writing projects of their choosing in a relaxed atmosphere.  They will receive instruction and one-on-one support in the process of drafting and editing, focusing on audience, choosing vivid words, and completing a final document.   Students will also analyze quotes from famous writers regarding the art of writing.  As a culminating activity, a local writer will visit to discuss their career and answer questions prepared by the children. 
Contact Andrea Chafetz for more information. 

Sunrise Scholars & Afternoon Academy

Invitation Only! K-5th Grade

Sunrise Scholars and Afternoon Academy are a part of a districtwide initiative known as School Year Academic Acceleration (SYAA). This initiative was introduced as a response to addressing academic needs of students that may have been exacerbated by three unconventional school years.  Students invited to Sunrise Scholars or Afternoon Academy are those that have been identified as requiring an additional layer of support. These decisions are made by analyzing benchmark and progress monitoring data in math and ELA. Space in these groups is limited, thus participation is by invitation only. SYAA is not a punitive program nor is it an indicator that a student is failing, it is simply an effort to provide students with what they need to be as successful as possible. While this is a part of a district-wide initiative, the support we provide at Ross is tailored to the needs of our students.

 Contact Ashlee Adams for further information.