We can explore the unknowns of space, but we don’t want to miss the wonders of our very own planet Earth! This week was inspired by the 50th anniversary of Earth Day celebrating and protecting the one planet we all call HOME.

Challenge Accepted

Ross’s Nat Geo Students, The Plastic Preventers of All the People, invite you to join in Bingo Board filled with ways to care for Earth! They have collected 25 activities and challenge you to complete 5 in a row. Click here to see their video and click on the image below to access a printable Bingo Board created by students (collaboratively through technology).

Virtual Field Trip

Let’s take a virtual trip to some of our breathtaking National Parks. Click on the image to experience interactive, guided tours through videos, 360 degree images, and incredible narration by expert park rangers. You can also see more 360 images of other parks here.

You also have to check out this virtual tour of the largest known cave! It’s gorgeous, huge, and the sights and sounds make it feel like you are there! Click the image to dive in!


Let’s check out Brains On! for an episode titled: Smash: When Continents Collide! “How are mountains made? What causes an earthquake? How does hot lava come bubbling up? The answer in each case is…tectonic plates!” Click the image to learn more about the forming of land all over the Earth!


We’ve got to go pretty phenomenal for this week’s phenomena. Let’s take in and observe the 7 Natural Wonders of the world! The Great Barrier Reef, Aurora Borealis, The Grand Canyon, The Harbor of Rio de Janeiro, Victoria Falls, Mount Everest, and Paricutin. What do you notice? What do you wonder? Why do you think these feats of nature were chosen? Click this link to learn more.

STEM Stories

A very special Earth Week share! Click the image to watch this creative rendition of “Earth Dance” by Joanne Ryder performed by our very own, K/1 Dancing Dolphins!


If you have Apple TV+, Check out the video rendition of Oliver Jeffer’s Here We Are. Click the image to view the trailer.

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