January STEM in the CITY

Visit the

SPARK Lab at the

Museum of American History!

When and Where?

Wednesday – Saturday 11-4

1 West of the National Museum of American History National Mall at Constitution Avenue, N.W., between 12th and 14th Streets

Transit: Orange/Silver/Blue Metro Line to Smithsonian

Ways to Engage

Choose at least one to do with your family

or come up with your own!

Become an Inventor!

Put your ideas to the test! Join the Spark Lab activities to design, build, and test your inventions! Remember to collaborate as a family!

Explore the Museum

Check out the rest of the Museum of American History. Look for inventions that were important to America’s story or to the way we live life today. 

Talk about how things have changed over time. 

Museum Map

I can do better!

Walk around the Museum of American History. Choose 1 invention on display that you think you can improve on! Draw up a plan for what you would change to make it better!


Plan your next invention at home

Click here to follow the the plan to your next great invention. Maybe even make a prototype!


Complete the January STEM in the CITY?

Remember to take a picture or video and send it to Mrs. Sawyer at amber.sawyer@k12.dc.gov OR tag @RossSTEM on Instagram.

Each month get a new keychain charm to add to your ring!

Jan: Eureka!

(That’s what all good inventors say when they finally get it right)

Image coming soon!

Celebrating DECEMBER’S STEM in the CITY 

Here are some photos of families who visited the Botanic Gardens.

    Questions about STEM in the CITY?

    Reach out to Amber Sawyer, STEM Coordinator at amber.sawyer@k12.dc.gov.