April STEM in the CITY

Earth Day Challenges

April 22 is Earth Day! A day where we intentionally take care of our planet and re-evaluate our choices as a family to see if they are helping or hurting our home. This year’s Earth Day theme is Invest in our Planet. Find ways to engage this month in Earth!

Ways to Engage

Choose at least one to do with your family or come up with your own!

Join Something!

-Help clean up our Watershed! The Anacostia Watershed Society (a Ross Partner) is gathering volunteers at different sites around the city on April 22 from 10-12 to clean up our watershed. Remember, what we drop on the ground in our neighborhood finds its way to our rivers! Click here to register as a family.

-Staying in DC for Spring Break? Join NASA’s Earth Day Celebration at Union Station from 9:30-4 on April 20th and 21st. Enjoy more than 20 science experiments, activities, and demonstrations. Click here for more info. 


Challenge something!

– The Earth is 24, 901 miles around (circumference). Go outside for family walks this month and track your steps. See if your family can take 24, 901 steps.

-If you can’t be in town for the Anacostia pick up, decide as a family to walk your neighborhood and collect trash you see. Count how many pieces of trash you pick up! 

– Commit to one whole day with no screens and as little electricity as possible. This reminds us to reduce the amount of energy we use AND find ways to have fun as a family without a screen. 

-Visit a local farmers market and pick out all the foods for one meal. Cook together as a family! Remember that buying locally is better for our planet. 

Create Something!

– Plant a new garden in your window or outside of herbs or other foods that you can use in the kitchen!

– Intentionally clean and save all your recyclables for a week. Then on the weekend, create something new out of them that is useful at home.

– Create a song, poem, book, comic strip or dance about what you love about our Earth and why it’s important to protect it. 


Observe something! 

-Traveling for spring break? Take time to observe what Earth is like where you visit. How is the environment the same or different than DC? 

-Take a walk through Rock Creek Park together. Every time someone in the family says “Earth Day” everyone has to stop and observe. Each person shares something they see, hear, smell, or feel that they might not have noticed otherwise. 




Complete the April STEM in the CITY?

Remember to take a picture or video and send it to Mrs. Sawyer at amber.sawyer@k12.dc.gov OR tag @RossSTEM on Instagram.

Each month get a new keychain charm to add to your ring!

April: Earth!

Celebrating March’s STEM in the CITY 

Here are some photos of families who visited the Air and Space Museum.

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    Reach out to Amber Sawyer, STEM Coordinator at amber.sawyer@k12.dc.gov.

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