We live in an incredible city filled with many opportunities and experiences rooted in science and engineering.

Whether it be exploring our natural world at the Botanic Garden or marveling at the engineering feats at the Air and Space Museum, it’s impossible to be bored in Washington D.C.

So, let’s start experiencing it all together!

Each month, we will send out a new place for Ross families to explore.

  • Choose a day that works for you to visit this place with your family OR connect with other Ross families and go together!
  • Choose at least one provided way to engage in the Science, Technology, Engineering or Math during your visit.
  • Send a picture or video to Mrs. Sawyer at amber.sawyer@k12.dc.gov OR tag our school’s Instagram account @RossSTEM to receive a special keychain charm each month (see October’s at the bottom of the page)!
  • Families that participate in at least 3 STEM in the CITY activities this year will be invited to a fun afterhours time in the STEM Lab.


Where is the Arboretum? 

3501 New York Avenue NE Washington, D.C. 20002

Transit: Blue/Silver/Orange Metro Line to Stadium-Armory and B2 Bus to Bladensburg Rd NE

Ways to Engage

Choose at least one to do with your family

(or use this to come up with your own idea)!

Compare the Grove of State Trees

How many different states do you see? Compare 2 trees that are very different with a drawing or a video.  

Observe in the Herb Garden 

As you walk around, observe using your sense of sight, sound, smell and touch. Bring a paper and crayon to do rubbings of fallen leaves or tree bark.

Living or Non-living?

As you walk around the Arboretum, find things that are living and non-living. Remember living things need nutrients (food and water), grow, and reproduce (make copies of themselves). 

Who Lives Here?

Who’s habitat is at the Arboretum? How are the living things in the Arboretum interacting with each other? Find an animal and record a video about how it survives.  


Complete the October STEM in the CITY?

Remember to take a picture or video and send it to Mrs. Sawyer at amber.sawyer@k12.dc.gov OR tag @RossSTEM on Instagram.

Each month get a new keychain charm to add to your ring!

OCT: 3D Printed Leaf

Questions about STEM in the CITY?

Reach out to Amber Sawyer, STEM Coordinator at amber.sawyer@k12.dc.gov or Becky Ballard, PTA Community Chair at _______________.