December STEM in the CITY

Visit the

Botanic Gardens!

Where is the Botanic Garden? 

United States Botanic Garden Conservatory
100 Maryland Avenue, SW, Washington, DC 20001

Transit: Red Metro Line to Judiciary Square

Ways to Engage

Choose at least one to do with your family

or come up with your own!

Train Display

Check out the train display in the outside garden. The train travels to farms all over the world!

Can you find all 13 farms? What do the farms grow? How are the farms different from one another?

Monuments and Museums

Head inside to see D.C. monuments, museums, and landmarks made out of NATURAL MATERIALS!

What are they made out of? Why did the artist choose that material? Try to create your own structure using only natural materials.

Click here to read more.

Plant Environments

Check out the exhibits in the Botanic Gardens. Visit each different environment.

How are the plants in the desert different from the plants in the tropics? Do all plants need the same thing to survive?


Plant Parts

See if you can find all the plant parts as you walk through the gardens.

-Roots, stem, leaves, flowers, fruit, seeds 

Read here for more information. 


Complete the December STEM in the CITY?

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Celebrating NOVEMBER STEM in the CITY 

Here are some photos of families who joined in celebrating Architecture in November! The Big Build event was incredible! 

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