Celebrate Architecture! 

Where is the National Building Museum? 

401 F St NW Washington DC 20001

Transit: Red Metro Line to Judiciary Square

Ways to Engage

Choose at least one to do with your family or come up with your own idea!

Join the Big Build! 

November 5th 11-4 at the Building Museum. Put your hands to work and build! 



PLAY WORK BUILD at  the National Building Museum 

Visit the Building Museum and at a different time with your family. 

Purchase Tickets 

Architecture Walking Tour

There are so many incredible buildings in our city! Walk around the national mall and look at the different buildings. Talk about how the buildings are similar and different? 

Get inspired and design

Become an architect and design your own building! Take a walk around your neighborhood to find features of buildings you like. Then draw your own plan. What materials would you use?   


Use Legos or other materials to build your design. 

Get on TinkerCad to create a digital design of your building! Contact Ms. Sawyer to join a class.


Complete the November STEM in the CITY?

Remember to take a picture or video and send it to Mrs. Sawyer at OR tag @RossSTEM on Instagram.

Each month get a new keychain charm to add to your ring!

NOV: 3D House

Celebrating October STEM in the CITY

Here are some photos and videos from our family visits to the Arboretum in October!

    Questions about STEM in the CITY?

    Reach out to Amber Sawyer, STEM Coordinator at or your room parent.