It’s Natural Disaster week on Stem for the Stay. Get ready for a week where nature is in charge! 

Challenge Accepted

Your challenge today is to STOP DISASTER! Click the image to begin the simulation game! Choose a disaster scenario and work to protect a local population from coming hazards!

Virtual Field Trip

We are going to travel back in time 40 years for today’s virtual field trip to the eruption of Mount St. Helens. May 18th was the anniversary of a series of natural disasters: an earthquake causing a landslide triggering the largest and most destructive volcanic eruption in U.S. history. Click the image to see footage of this historic day.


Check out this episode answering the question, Why Are Hurricanes So Powerful? from the podcast Tumble.


We are going to use our sense of hearing for today’s phenomena. Click the image to listen to see if you can identify the natural disaster by its sound. Here are the 4 choices: tornado, rock slide, lightning storm, and volcano eruption.

STEM Stories

Our STEM Stories to end Natural Disaster week is the “I Survived” series. These books relive major historic disasters through the eyes of a kid. You can find these books in audio form on EPIC! Click the image find the EPIC Collection

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