Let’s take a deep dive into the sea! Scientists have still just barely scratched the surface with ocean exploration. Let’s join them this week and be curious and creative about all things water!

Challenge Accepted

To kick off Ocean Week, you have a 2-part engineering challenge. Test household items to see if they sink or float. Then have an aluminum boat designing contest with your family. See whose boat can hold the most weight! Have fun engineering! Click the image or this link to learn more about this challenge.

Virtual Field Trip

Grab a snorkel, friends. We are going in! Follow the link or click the image below to catch ocean life in action LIVE! Scroll down to see all your viewing options on the Explore Live Cams capturing plant and animal life in different waterways. This morning I caught manatees brunching, kelp swaying, and jellyfish drifting. What will you see in these parks, reserves, coastlines, and aquariums?


Rather than a podcast this week, check out one of the 100+ TED Talks on our oceans! I’d recommend the talk ‘How Do Ocean Currents Work?’ By Jennifer Verduin. Click the image to view this Ted Talk or click this link to access all the ocean TED Talks!


Check out these different links to the Science Channel Instagram (click on the images). As you watch, think about what these animals use to help them survive and grow.

STEM Story

Let’s check out ocean stories from the field! National Geographic Explorer Classrooms has live video events connecting kids with real scientists and explorers from all over the globe. Listen and ask questions to find out more about exploring our waterways. These classes occur each day at 2 pm and must be registered for in advance. Click the image to go to the website.

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