To infinity and beyond! Space exploration is back on the map with SpaceX. This week engages with flight and all things out of this world!

Challenge Accepted

Your challenge is to build a paper airplane using only one piece of paper (Check out this link for different models or make up your own!) Then place a pillow on the floor and pretend like it’s Mars! See if you can fly your rocket and have it land on the ‘Mars’. Move ‘Mars’ closer and farther and see how you have to change your design or your throw to make it land!

Virtual Field Trip

Space exploration is ALWAYS happening as astronauts and scientists work to find out more about life in space. Nasa Live TV continually streams programming for upcoming launches and departures from the International Space Station. My favorite part is listening to Mission Control! You can check out their schedule here and see all live footage here.


Want to know how to become an astronaut? Check out this episode from the Tumble podcast featuring Dr. Serena Auñon-Chancellor, a NASA astronaut! (Click on the image)


Click on the image to watch this phenomenon closely because it’s rare! It won’t be visible in the US again until 2049! What do you notice? What do you wonder? What do you speculate is happening?

STEM Story

Let’s wrap up space week with STEM stories from SPACE! Click the picture for a link to hear (and see) Kate Rubins read “Rosie Revere, Engineer” from the ISS! Want to hear more stories from space? Check out this link here.

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