STEM for the STAY

Learning may seem limited from home, but there is still a world we can explore while we stay in place! Join me in learning through STEM for the STAY. These are weekly themes of STEM activities and prompts to inspire curiosity about our world and creativity through design. Access STEM for the STAY and additional summer resources and ideas below!


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Insect Week

Sometimes scientists zoom out and sometimes they have to zoom WAY in. This week we will zoom in to take a closer look at our tiny insect friends. Do you think insects are an important part of our world? Why or why not? Challenge Accepted Do you have the strength of an...

Climate Change Week

This week will be all about Climate Change. There has been an increase in changes in our climate, the average weather conditions for a certain area, in recent times because of the choices humans are making. Check out this link to learn more about climate change....

Natural Disaster Week

It’s Natural Disaster week on Stem for the Stay. Get ready for a week where nature is in charge!  Challenge Accepted Your challenge today is to STOP DISASTER! Click the image to begin the simulation game! Choose a disaster scenario and work to protect a...

Earth Week

We can explore the unknowns of space, but we don't want to miss the wonders of our very own planet Earth! This week was inspired by the 50th anniversary of Earth Day celebrating and protecting the one planet we all call HOME. Challenge Accepted Ross's Nat Geo...


To infinity and beyond! Space exploration is back on the map with SpaceX. This week engages with flight and all things out of this world! Challenge Accepted Your challenge is to build a paper airplane using only one piece of paper (Check out this link for different...

Plant Week

"All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today." Chinese Proverb Let's just sit back and watch the grass grow. This week will be all things plants. Join us to become a full-on botanist! Challenge Accepted Your task, should you choose to accept it, is...

Ocean Week

Let's take a deep dive into the sea! Scientists have still just barely scratched the surface with ocean exploration. Let's join them this week and be curious and creative about all things water! Challenge Accepted To kick off Ocean Week, you have a 2-part engineering...

5 Senses

One of the most important characteristics of a scientists is how observant they are. We observe the world through our senses. Have fun this week paying closer attention to your 5 senses and the body parts that help us (and other creatures) observe! Challenge Accepted...

Engineering Week

Engineers are creative, resourceful problem-solvers. Show off your design skills and check out some epic engineering! Challenge Accepted! CHALLENGE ACCEPTED: Take a cardboard box and create something new out of it that serves a purpose. You can take parts away or add...

Animals and Ecosystems


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Coding Week

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So Weird Week

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